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Kick-off session: 20 €

Coaching session (1 hour): 50 €

Two coaching sessions: 90 €
(45 € / hour)

Three coaching sessions: 123 €
(41 € / hour)

Four coaching sessions: 152 €
(38 € / hour)

The hours you purchase won't expire, and you can use them very flexibly. For example, you may come to a coaching session with a friend, in which case the session consumes two purchased hours instead of one.

Please note that hours purchased with benefits are non-transferable and can not be shared with others.

All prices include VAT (24%).

Pay with benefits:
Pay directly:

Applications such as MobilePay and Siirto, along with Internet and mobile banks are all supported. You can get the phone number from your coach when needed.

Account information:
Jyrki Ruuskanen
FI26 1220 3500 7522 13

Include your name and the purchased items in the payment information. For example, "Andy Hyzer, 2 hours".